What is Domain Authority and How to Improve It?

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SEO is a vast term and it takes a lot of time to understand what SEO is and how google rankings work. While we are discussing about rankings of a website or content on the google ratings or any other search engine’s rankings, there is a very important role played by Domain Authority (DA).  DOMAIN AUTHORITY IS A SEARCH ENGINE RANKING SCORE THAT PREDICTS HOW WELL A WEBSITE WILL RANK ON SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGES (SERPS). To analyze the results of DA of your website we have to understand the scoring system of DA. DA score ranges from 1 to 100. Higher the score, better the chances for ranking up on the search engine results and vise versa.

Does Domain Authority Matters?

Another question you might ask, is domain authority really important? According to Sharad Agarwal, CEO of Cyber Gear, “DOMAIN AUTHORITY IS A MEASURE OF THE POWER OF A DOMAIN NAME AND IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SEARCH ENGINE RANKING FACTORS. DOMAIN AUTHORITY IS BASED ON THREE FACTORS: AGE, POPULARITY AND SIZE. Web site owners need to focus on domain authority to ensure that their brand is popular on the web.”

Domain Authority of a website is very important since it can ensure
the following:

  • Prestige of a website
  • Prestige of its authors
  • Quality of content
  • Information and website centrality
  • Strong grip of knowledge around a specific

Good vs. Bad Domain Authority

In general terms, websites having many high-quality external links are at the top of the Domain Authority Scale while websites with lesser inbound links have a lower score. New websites always starts with the domain authority of score 1.

Sometimes, considering the fact the the Domain Authority is the predictor of Website’s ranking ability, distracts the bloggers or website owners from focusing on other SEO techniques as all techniques have their own purpose and importance. DA is not the final score for your website but a comparative tool so that you could compete with your competitors by analyzing their domain authority score. So as we have discussed that DA is just a comparative tool, so there is no “good” or “bad” DA Score.

Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Do not get confused with Domain Authority and Page Authority. In Simple words a Domain Authority predicts the ranking strength of entire domain. When I say entire domain that means your complete website, from home age to your contact us and privacy policy page. But if you are focusing on a single page of your website then you will always go for Page Authority.

Domain and Page Authority How to Check Domain Authority?

There are many paid and free SEO Tools but here we are just using SmallSEOTools.com. You go to the link and enter your own website’s URL or
your competitors and check what the score it shows.

In the following example we entered wwe.com to check its Domain Authority:


In the above image you can see that the website is showing a score of Domain Authority and another for Page Authority separately as discussed previously. On the same page you will also find much information, Go on search for yourself.

Can we improve Domain Authority?

The best way to improve your Domain Authority is to improve your Search Engine Optimization score overall. You should focus on your link profile and get more links from Well Linked to pages. A simple strategy to improve your Domain Authority score:

  1. Optimize your website (Pages, Blog Posts, Images, title, etc.)
  2. Produce High Quality Content which Viewers or other bloggers would link back to
  3. Never forget to put in Internal Referral links and also improve the existing
  4. Always check Bad or Broken links and remove them
  5. Mobile Friendly Blog/Website
  6. Focus on Your Niche and Do Research continuously and Consistently
  7. Optimize Page Loading speed of your blog/website
  8. Don’t forget to promote on social media platforms

Wrapping it Up

Domain authority is important for your website due to many reasons. Domain authority will allow you to analyze the performance of your website or blog and you will be able to perform the competitive analysis with differet other websites available locally or internationally. Domain Authority will show you the current status of your website and where you are standing in the market.

Are there any other ways that you have tried to increase your domain or page authority? Do share it with me in the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you.

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