Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business

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In this article I am going to share with you the Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business. But lets go back into the history. The first web-page went live on 6th August, 1991. The sole purpose of the first website was to spread information about world-wide-web (WWW) project and was released by Tim-Berner’s Lee. The link to first website: The website still exists but the World-Wide-Web has now changed a lot. In past 28 years the world wide web has expanded so much that it now consists of almost 200 million active websites (20,00,00,000) with a stack of over 1.5 billion websites (not active though).

01 First WWW Website

During this expansion we saw the rise of Social Media Platforms. The basic purpose of Social Media Platforms was to make it convenient for the friends and family members to interact with each other on regular basis even if they live far away from each other. But today’s social media platforms are now more than that. They are expanding into business models and each platform has a unique quality and a specific audience.

Here we will discuss the Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business. If you are a startup or running a business for quite a while and planning for expansion, this article will surely help you a lot.

Now Let’s get Started.


Facebook would be my all-time favorite social media platform. Mark Zuckerberg and his team did an amazing job in providing the best social network in such a beautiful manner that it tackle almost all aspects of one’s personal and official routines. One reason for Facebook to get the top position in this list is its connections list. There are more than 2.38 Billion users of Facebook and 1.56 Billion users daily use Facebook. This is even more than the total population of India which is 1.34 Billion. One cannot neglect such a huge market, especially when you are running a business and looking for opportunities.

For businesses, Facebook offer business pages. You can design and customize pages very easily. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a business, create a store or start your own Fan Page. You can do all that in just 5 – 10 minutes and it is very easy. On Facebook you can add text, images, videos, live streaming and stories to your Facebook page and make it more engaging for the viewers. You can do research with the help of polls and some other options available in Facebook.

Facebook Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business


Instagram is a next generation thing. In my opinion, if you want to target a younger audience, Instagram and Snapchat are the best options. Instagram makes the second position in our list because of its 1 billion users list and out of which 500 million users regularly use Instagram. There is no doubt that Facebook is lagging behind in capturing the mobile market while Instagram is doing it perfectly. Instagram has become the charm of Smart Phones Industry.

Instagram works perfectly with hashtags and you can also create 5 business pages with one registration. (Funny story, I didn’t know that and once cleaned my whole Instagram account to make it my business account!). With business account being open for everyone and your Personal account restricted for your friends and family just like you do it in Facebook, you can work even on your smartphone. As compared to Facebook, Instagram restricts you to upload video with a length of less than 60 seconds. But that’s OK, this is an opportunity for marketers to deliver their message within 60 seconds and attract clients for your business.

Instagram Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business


There are Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other video streaming websites online, but YouTube is the most famous one. YouTube is one of those websites which is even children friendly and anyone can use it with just one click. YouTube have a total of 1.9 billion users and 28 million users watch videos on YouTube on daily basis. It has been observed that the video content has a stronger impact as compared to textual or Image content. In one of Forbes articles it was discussed that Video Marketing might be the future of marketing (Ref: Video Marketing The Future of Content Marketing)

YouTube Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business

As a business owner or a marketing expert you can design creative and interactive videos and attract the target audience with you content. You can redirect them through YouTube towards your website landing page or can also do the affiliate marketing with the help of YouTube. There is a variety of video types and you can promote your business with such a diverse marketing platform.


The ratings of twitter are changing frequently over world-wide-web but twitter still holds a very strong position in the market. It has more than 350 million visitors per month. Twitter is most famous for news and updates of companies, political parties and celebrities. Twitter is most famous for its timely delivery of information. People usually share things on twitter that is happening that particular moment, although this characteristic is true for both Instagram and Snapchat as well.

Twitter Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Different thing about twitter is that you cannot write long paragraphs. You can only type a text message for 280 Characters (140 characters for Japanese (Nihongo), Korean (Hangul) or Chinese (Mandarin)).

Twitter is also famous for its usage of Customer Services. According advertisers, almost 80% of CS requests happen on twitter as per SalesForce.comTwitter is the New 1-800 Number for Customer Service”.

5. Snapchat

Like Instagram, Snapchat is also considered as an app or social networking site for the young generation. Snapchat focuses on sharing short videos and live images taken by camera with your friends or contacts. The most interesting thing about Snapchat is that whatever content you create or share does not last for more than 24 hours.


This is a challenge and an opportunity both at the same time. Challenge is that you have to come up with a newer content everyday but the opportunity is that there is more chance for your viewers to see, think about your content and interact with it, on Snapchat than on any other social media platform because of the shortage of time creates a sense of urgency.

Snapchat holds its place on 6th position for its monthly usage by more than 250 million user.


LinkedIn is my favorite and if you are doing a job, running your own business, freelancing or even a student LinkedIn must be your favorite too. LinkedIn is the most professional social networking website. The sole purpose of LinkedIn is to connect the Job Seekers with the Head Hunters and Business to the customers. LinkedIn has more than 590 Million users out of which 100 million users are active every day.


On LinkedIn you can easily connect with your target audience, and filters of LinkedIn makes it easier for the user to filter out the less required information and focus on the core target. You can also create a company page on LinkedIn and I suggest you should do it now. It does not cost anything but will help you keep a position on world’s largest Corporate Social Media Platform. You will also find your prospect clients on LinkedIn for sure.


Reddit has a monthly usage of 330 million. Mainly Reddit is used for discussions related to Computer Sciences and Software Engineering (Programming, etc.). But you can also use it to upload Pictures, links, or general text to discuss with the community where community can rate it high or low.

There are Subreddits, the groups/communities on Reddit. Do your research and post your content on the most relevant community pages. This will take time to understand the community on Reddit but once you understand it you will realize that they have to most result oriented community.

(Honestly Speaking, It took me a while to understand how Reddit works)


If you are professional or you search for information quite often, you must have interaction with Medium. Even if you had no interaction in the past, you should go now and sign up (You can thank me later). Medium has more than 65 million active users per month. As compared to Facebook or Instagram, 60 million doesn’t look so big a number, but believe me this not a place for chit chat. You only find genuine information from one of the most authentic sources and well reputed writers. If you are a blogger you should sign up (its free) and start sharing the content of your blog over Medium as well. Even large brands promote their content on Medium to reach out to the public.

I think Medium is going to become the next google of news. (Believe me nothing is sponsored on this blog)


Flickr was launched in 2004 and was a hit. Before Instagram, Flickr was the only photo sharing platform. With the invent of Instagram, most of the public moved away from Flickr. The most important feature of flicker is that if you are running a business and the pictures you design are your sole property and must not be used by others, then you can mark copyright on your photos. This is the thing you cannot do on any other social media platform. You might think that who use flicker now a days, then you should tell this to 90 million active users of Flickr.

10. Pinterest

Pinterest is social media platform where the community shares inspiring pictures and with link to their source website or blogs. It is just like google images but with some more options. You can make galleries of your images, and people can follow you because of your work. If they like your images, they will get a redirect link to your website where they will directly interact with your core product and services. Pinterest has 250 million monthly active users list which means you can attract a large number of customers with the least amount of content but the quality of the content matters most on Pinterest.

11. Tumblr

Tumblr was launched in year 2007 and has achieved a milestone of 1.5 Billion posts per month. Tumble is an amazing free source to start your own blog. You can write text, share images or videos or directly share links. You can embed video links in Tumblr and the visitors can directly play your videos on Tumblr. Tumblr has gone through many variations in the past year and it looks like it has now turned into a steady platform both for personal and business bloggers.

12. Yelp

Yelp is like a google for Business only. If you search for “Pizza near my area” there is a chance that Yelp will show your business in the top field. Yelp is used for local stores to show their presence online, just like “Google Business”. While “Google Business” Works like google maps, Yelp actually works like Facebook’s business page. You can rate and comment about the services of a business on Yelp. Startups or even well established businesses should not ignore this useful website. You can also download its app for your smartphone.

13. MySpace

MySpace is another social media platform which was first started for networking but then converted into more of a Celebrity Promotion Website. MySpace was a hit back in 2005 and became the most popular social network till 2008. After that, other social network most famously known as Facebook took its place. Now a days MySpace is considered one of the most popular social network platform for musicians and bands where they can show off their talent and can connect with the followers/fans. They can even sell their work online on MySapce, and I hope you understand the opportunity over here if you are running a business related to music or design your own videos. MySpace is a perfect platform for you. There are more than 14.2 Million Artists on MySpace. feels more like an


If you are a Blogger then Digg is a best system for the promotion of your blog. With you can share your blog link and it will appear on Diggs list and will automatically promote it. Digg has a simple interface. You put link to your blog in the Digg with a small description and select a category in which your blog post falls. Then Digg shows your blog to the viewers who are interested in that particular category. The Digg users then can view and mark Digg on your post. The more your post gets the Diggs from the viewers, more the chances for it to appear on the main page of Digg. It might not feel much, but it is better not to ignore such a resource which is available for free.

15. Baidu Tieba

Baidu is a Chinese online Forum with 300 million active users every month. Baidu is the largest Chinese Search Engine platform. The platform is solely in Chinese Language so you might need a translated to make Baidu work for you. Baidu was released in 2003 and has since been growing into a famous Chinese search engine. It ranks 4 on Alexa’s ratings which is huge.

16. TikTok

Most people know Tik Tok and believe me or not it is addictive. China even banned Tik Tok in India and still the total worth of Tik Tok is $75 Billion dollars which is more than the worth of Uber. The main purpose of Tik Tok is to record videos of upto 60 seconds and add music and effects in the video and upload it. As of June 2018, Tik Tok has 500 million active monthly users. Tik Tok is currently installed on more than 800 million smartphones. The limitation of “Recording Vide Only” makes Tik Tok our 16th favorite Social Media App, maybe in near future with additional features I would like to change it to the No.1 on my list.  

17. WeChat

WeChat is not just a networking app but more than that. WeChat trying to capture all the market and offering a One-Stop-Shop kind of service. You can use WeChat to Shop online, transfer money, make reservations (Hotel Bookings), call a Taxi and more. WeChat has more than 1.06 Billion active users every month. Currently WeChat is famous in Asia and most of it is in China. So if you want to expand your business in Asia or already are working in Asia then you should make your presence on WeChat as well.

18. Qzone

Qzone is another Chinese Social Networking platform. It is used for sharing images or videos, writing blogs and playing games. It is kind of Chinese Facebook. Qzone is more famous in youngsters (teens) as compared to WeChat which is more popular among adults. Qzone is a desktop based social networking platform with an average of 632 million users active every month. Your presence on such a platform will create an impact in Long-Run.

19. Telegram

Telegram is not very different from other apps such as WhatsApp but it is considered to be more secure. You can send and receive data with your friends in a safe manner. You can use Telegram for business for Customer Services. You can create Chatbots for Telegram Platform or use Telegram’s “Broadcast” feature to send messages or notifications to unlimited number of subscribers.


If you are running a website, then you must also have a blog of your own. Don’t forget to post your content over free blogging platforms to reach out to the maximum number of viewers. is one of those platforms where you can upload your blog for free and reach out to more audience.

21. Whatsapp

Most of us use WhatsApp but don’t really know that there is another WhatsApp App for Business as well. With that you can send messages to your clients in a more secure way. On WhatsApp there are more than 65 billion messages sent every day with 1.5 Billion users in 180 countries around the globe. A presence on WhatsApp is really important and it is essential for new businesses to get registered with WhatsApp Business Account, and it is for free.

Whatsapp Top 22 Social Media Platforms for Your Business

22. Messenger

Messenger has more than 1.3 monthly active users which makes messenger an attractive social networking platform for everyone but the problem with Messenger is that its core focus is on one-on-one interaction between users or group of users and there is no such option of having a business account. But with messenger you can advertise, send newsletters or install Chatbots to optimize the performance of your business page on Facebook as messenger is basically your Facebook account.

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Share Your Experience? Which Websites or Apps do you use for yourself and your business?


It doesn’t matter how large a social network is. What matters is that who is your target audience and if they are available on that network or not. But there are some Social Networks which reined their systems so much that they tackle most of the scenarios you face in your business. We would love to know your experience.


Which social media sites are your brand on? Why did your brand choose to be there?

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