The SEO Factors’ Periodic Table

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The SEO Factors' Periodic Table

Recently, a new Periodic Table has been released by Search Engine Land. The first Periodic Table for SEO factors was released in Year 2011. Since 2011, somethings might not have changed entirely but some did. Things have gone more complex, mobile, aligned to new Internet devices and instantly accessible. On the 150th Anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev’s original Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, Search Engine Land released their updated version of periodic table after 8 years.

Earlier version of SEL’s periodic table mostly relied on the “Success Factors” for an SEO Strategy while updated version now include more of the foundational elements which are important for SEO strategy and some of the elements are still evolving.

If you have already seen the previous table, you must familiar with the basic concept (Does not matter if you are new to this, you can see the previous version below this paragraph). Every single element in the table has a factor which you should consider while developing a successful SEO strategy for your website or your clients. If you read it vertically, you will see that it covers most of the factors you might need to consider for the SEO strategy. Although those factors may vary as per the content category of your website, but still the table shows the overall scope for your consideration in 2019.

As it is famously known, that although SEO is an art, but it is a science as well, and this chart finally proved the theory. C’mon! what are you waiting for… download it now:

Download the Periodic Table for SEO Factors for 2019

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