Best Proven Method to Develop Content Strategy 100% Guaranteed

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What is Content?

As per definition, in publishing, art and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed towards an end-user or audience. – Lee Odden

Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts” –

In general terms a content is not just related to digital media or websites. Everything that appears on internet, television, cinema, newspaper, smartphones, CDs/DVDs, and even live events such as concerts, Competitions, etc. all consist of content but in their own unique form.

How to Write Content?

When you start writing a blog or a content for your website the biggest challenge you face is how to develop a content strategy. Here is the Best Proven Method to Develop Content Strategy 100% Guaranteed. As per my suggestion, and you will get this most of the time on internet when you ask the same question to anyone, ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART. GO FOR YOUR DREAMS. GO FOR THE THINGS THAT INTERESTS YOU THE MOST. Things that matters the most for yourself. Even if you are trying to put content online with a purpose to earn from it, do not forget to work on your interests. For example, if you love sports and you want to create a blog online, you should write stuff about Sports, because you love it and you can put value into it. 

If you like to travel and want to see the world then write something which is related to travel, tourism and adventure. If you are a mother, and you feel that you can share the challenges and opportunities you see in your life being a parent, Blogging is the best platform for you to reach out to the world with your words and develop a meaningful content which will make a difference. When you are working on the things which matters the most to you then you will be able to put in more effort and you will be enjoying the work all the time. You will be able to provide suggestions and feedback and that is what blogging is all about.

And don’t worry about your target audience. There are people always searching for content, and they will get to your content eventually. Look at the picture below:

How to treat a Turtle


As you can see, I just typed a very random thing about treating a turtle and there are more than 43 million search results available with almost the same results or maybe consisting content only about turtles while there is a chance that no more than 2% of the people in the world have turtles as their pets.

You can follow the following steps to develop your content:

1. Think, Think, and Think More

Oh I love the thinking process. Thinking about things usually consume our mind all the time and most of the times those things or subjects are not even important. So if you can start thinking about the things that are important, you can make it to the top.

Think Content

So my first suggestion is think about things you love the most. What do you think is missing in the world? What is it that you want to say or tell that will change the way people think who have similar interest as of yours.


Main points you should consider about your niche (Interest) are:

  • Field of Interest
  • Scope of Interest
  • Target Audience
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Geographical Presence
    • Religious and Political preferences (In some of the cases only)
    • Engagement with Technology

2. Make a list

Just make a list. Keep it empty. Just put on Topics and date in the top rows of your excel spreadsheet and start thinking about it for a day or two. Just don’t think for too long, that will start developing negative thoughts and you don’t want that.

3. Mark Calendar – Milestones

Mark Milestones on your calendar. That helped me and I think that will help you too. Give yourself a target. Doesn’t matter if what you developed in that time period is not of a good quality content. Just start working on it. You can always come back and change what you have made but do not waste time because you cannot bring back the time you have wasted. So in start mark your calendar. This is how I do it:

  • On Monday: I will finalize my idea by Friday… and I will do the research on my interests by that time to make an informed decision
  • On Friday: I have to launch a website/blog by Sunday (Doesn’t matter if that is just one word)
  • Blog started
    • Write minimum 3 blogs a week
    • Answer Questions similar to those posts on or
    • Get Feedback from Friends and Colleagues
    • Speedup for more blogs every week
    • Etc.

4. Schedule a Calendar

When you are done with all the initial work and feeling comfortable with writing posts at least three times a week, then you should start scheduling a calendar. You will not get a lot of time to write every day, but some days you will have much of the time to compensate the lagging of your past week. This is what I suggest, to continue posting on your website, type most of your work on your free days and schedule posts in such a way that they are equally divided along the whole week.


Suppose you wrote three articles on your blog, specifically on a blog designed by WordPress, you can assign specific dates to your blog so that the specific post get auto-published on the web while you are working or busy with something else. There are some free plugins which you can find on wordpress for that. Out of many, one of the apps I would suggest is WP Scheduled Posts. If you want to schedule auto-post on your social media platforms as well, you can use Blog2Social.

5. Read and Read A Lot

Reading is the most important part of success in one’s life and I believe most of us miss out on that most of the time. We are continuously fed information (Sometimes right and sometimes wrong) via television but reading about certain topics will make you a specialist in the field of your interest. So read as much as you can.

(You can comment in the comments section below if you want personalized suggestion for books or you can also contact me on our social media platforms. Just drop in your message and I will get back to you)

6. Research about Your Audience

Just don’t forget to research about your audience. Go to LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social media platform and engage with people. Try to develop questionnaires and ask them about their difficulties or experiences and learn from that. You will get a clear picture of who your target audience really is and what do they really like.

7. Help Each Other and Collaborate

This is a suggestion I usually give to everyone. You should reach out to people similar to your field of interest and to those who are even different from your field. Share your interests with them and learn about their interests and specialties. Offer them your services and tell them how much you would appreciate their support as well.

Help Each Other
We are humans and cannot work like a robot. Meet, Talk, interact. Try it, you can thank me later!

(Save this page in your bookmarks and follow all these steps, then come back and comment below. I will be waiting 🙂 )

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